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How to Discern Good Veterinary Care

As with human medicine, it can be difficult for the consumer to tell if they are receiving the highest quality veterinary care. Good relations with the doctors and staff are important, but they’re not everything. As you search for a veterinary hospital to take care of your pet’s health care needs, here are some guidelines that may help:

  • Do the doctors and staff participate in continuing education?
  • Is the hospital inspected and certified by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)?
  • Does the hospital recommend pre-anesthesia blood tests? Are these tests performed on-site for immediate results?
  • Do the doctors perform a pre-anesthesia physical examination of your pet?
  • Does the hospital use gas anesthesia during surgery?
  • Does the hospital use cardiac, respiratory, pulse oxygenation, blood pressure, and body temperature monitors while your pet is anesthetized?
  • Is there a staff member (usually a veterinary nurse) who monitors your pet the entire time he or she is under anesthesia?
  • Does every pet undergoing a surgical procedure receive pain medication?
  • If your pet has a special problem, is the doctor willing to refer you to a specialist, or a doctor with advanced training in the appropriate field?

We are proud that Horizon Veterinary Clinic meets all these criteria for good veterinary care in Brighton, CO, but that isn’t really the point. We want you to know that, just as in the human medical field, not all veterinary facilities are the same. If you want the best care for your pet, these are the things to look for.

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